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I'm Sue Galloway. 

I originally hail from Malvern, PA and I currently reign from New York City. Let me know if you're easily offended by weather related puns by not reading any further.

Ah ha! I see you've chosen: more weather puns. Egg-cellent! Uh oh. Might have shifted to natal portmanteaus. I'm an actress, writer and comedian and I have been performing at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in NYC since (audible gulp) 2002. I have been in several sketch groups and many improv groups, but currently I perform in The Law Firm on Friday nights at 10:30.

You may remember me from 30 Rock (NBC), or from "that commercial." Recent appearances include: Sisters (2015), Girls (HBO), Late Night With Seth Meyers (NBC), The Characters (Netflix) and The Cream Brothers (Above Average). Perhaps I've been in one of your dreams. 

I'm a freelance contributor to SNL's Weekend Update, and a lifetime member of the Actors Studio. I am also the mother of two small children and one weird cat, and the wife of one dear man. Not a deer man, who I met in a dew-kissed forest glade at dawn all those years ago. He touched my paw with his hoof and ran off. The rest, as they say, is mist-ery.