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I'm Sue Galloway. 

I originally hail from Malvern, PA and I currently reign from New York City. Let me know if you're easily offended by weather related puns by not reading any further.

Ah ha! I see you've chosen: more weather puns. Egg-cellent! Uh oh. Might have shifted to natal portmanteaus. I'm an actress, writer and comedian and I have been performing at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in NYC since (audible gulp) 2002. I have been in several sketch groups and many improv groups, but currently I perform in The Law Firm on Friday nights at 10:30.

You may remember me from 30 Rock (NBC), or from "that commercial." Recent appearances include: Sisters (2015), Girls (HBO), Late Night With Seth Meyers (NBC), The Characters (Netflix) and The Cream Brothers (Above Average). Perhaps I've been in one of your dreams. 

I've created several webseries (-es?-eses?), and I'm a lifetime member of the Actors Studio. I am also the mother of two small children, and the wife of one dear man. Not THE Deer-Man, who I met in a dew-kissed forest glade at dawn all those years ago. He but touched my paw with his hoof and ran off. The rest, as they say, is mist-ery.